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Петра грей (антрацит браун)

 A very luxurious choice for every designer using stone material, pietra grey marble is known as the spirit of a building. The quarry is located in the central famous province of Isfahan in Iran with a great amount of storage inside. It has a very low water absorption rate and since there is a very few streaks inside the structure of the stone it is very suitable to be used indoors or outdoors of a building even in very cold climates. It can be used for covering floors and walls in different areas of a building such as bedrooms, lobbies, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, façade and outdoor areas. Since we can cut it to different sizes from slab to tile there is no limit in designing and it can come in different thicknesses. It can be sorted into three different types: white streaks with graphite burns (sort C), less white streaks with graphite burns (sort B), very few white streaks with very few graphite burns (sort A).

Big slab sizes

Big slab sizes from 3000*2000 to medium size slabs 2500*1500 pietra grey blocks can be cut in book-match or 4-match design and we offer the best quality with very competitive prices.



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